Pragati Mixer - 220


Excellent Features for Steel Body Domestic flour Mill:

1) Very small in size. Fit in 1 sq.ft. Floor area. Light in weight.
2) Very high efficiency.
3) Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) is provided at input supply of domestic flour mill. At the time of overload or short circuit, MCB trips automatically. Therefore no possibilities of motor burning.
4) Almost maintenance free. No need to call mechanic at the time of routine fault.
5) Special design Emery Stone provided, therefore no need to make dressing even after 3 to 4 years.
6) Complete Steel – Chrome body.
7) Approximate grinding capacity 8 kg/hour.
8) Very easy technique to get flour fine or coarse.
9) Completely manufactured under highly skilled Engineers and technician. Therefore no problem occurred during long life.
10) No noise and vibration due to high quality imported bearing.


Product Specification

Category Steel Body
Model Mixer
Stone Size 5 Inch / 125 mm
Motor 0.5 HP
Voltage 220 V AC
Maximum Current 4 Ampere
RPM 1440
Grinding 4 to 5 Kg. / Hour
Size 50 x 21 x 24 cm
Weight 15 Kg.
Short Description 5", 0.5 HP, Pragati Mixer - 220 V AC.



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