Diamond 1


Excellent Features for Stoneless Domestic flour Mill :

1) Excellent color and design available according to budget of family.
2) Wide range of choice available
   i) Plane color with both side laminated doors.
   ii) Floral design with super finish membrane doors.
   iii) Matt or Glossy finish available according to customer choice.
   iv) Extraordinary metallic finish with white back ground doors are also available.
3) Superior quality hygienic chamber casted from Aluminum, for low weight and high heat dissipation.
4) High quality Stainless Steel cutter fitted inside Aluminum chamber.
5) Bitter (Rotating blade) is also made from completely Stainless Steel.
6) Completely micro processor based control circuit, to control Automatic Start/Stop, Overload, Short Circuit and audio warning.
7) Different size of ‘Jalis’ supplied along with flour mill. This provides you fine and coarse flour according to oyur requirement.
8) Electric Motor manufactured with very high quality Silicon Grade Stamping and Copper Winding.
9) Due to complete balancing of rotor vibration and noise level is very low.
10) Finest quality mild steel cutter and bitter also available in some selected model.
11) In true sense completely automatic. No need to select even grain/pulse/beans.


Product Specification

Category Stoneless
Model Diamond
Motor 1.0 HP
Voltage 220 V AC
Maximum Current 6 Ampere
RPM 2880
Grinding 8 Kg. / Hour
Size 84 x 33.5 x 50 cm
Weight 50 Kg.
Description Chamber : Stainless Steel Cabinet :1.MDF 2.High Gloss Membrane Door with Modular Design and Multi Color Floral Printing 3.Auto Glow when door open. Hopper : 5 KG Capacity
Short Description 1 HP, 220 V AC, 2880 RPM



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